i500 Large Character Inkjet Printer

i500 Large Character Inkjet Printer

The i500 large character ink jet printer is a stainless steel, modular inkjet printer designed for ease of use and reliability in today’s 24/7 factory environments.

It is designed to print easily-legible large character print on cardboard boxes, shrink-wrap, timber, bricks or blocks. Printing from one to eight lines of print on one or both sides of a product, in a mix of single or double-height fonts. Print can include text, graphics and logos, sell-by dates, batch information, counts, production dates and any other variable or fixed information. With the built-in real-time clock it can automatically calculate sell-by dates and Julian dates required in the food industry.

Whether controlled from either an integral Hand Controller, a removable Hand Held Controller or completely remotely via the Ethernet or RS232 interfaces, operation is simple. The hand controller interface uses an intuitive, mobile-phone style menuing system for ease of use.

Single line or twin-line low-profile print heads allow the heads to access the products even when mounted inside case tapers or machinery. Our smallest print head is less than 25mm high yet can still print a 20mm high character.

The whole system has been designed from the ground up for ease of maintenance, ease of use and high reliability. It has been designed by a team that are not just designers but have worked with customers installing, maintaining and repairing coding and marking equipment for many years. Engineers have remarked on the thought that has gone into the design. The rugged stainless steel construction is modular so it only takes a few minutes to replace any part.

As with all Codeology equipment, stainless steel is used throughput to eliminate corrosion, maintain electrical and shielding integrity throughout the life of the machine and to provide a robust shell against the rigours of daily operation.

Available with either water based inks for printing on cardboard or timber, or solvent inks for printing on concrete, bricks and other non-porous substrates.