iP 600 Large Character Inkjet Printer

iP 600 Large Character Ink jet Printer

The iP600 large character inkjet printer is an IP65 protected stainless steel, modular inkjet printer designed to offer the most common facilites required on large character ink jet printers. It will print time, date, shelf-life, batch and traceability information on a variety of substrates such as shrink wrap, concrete blocks, timber and metal drums. The printer is available on a stand or wall-mounted, the only external parts are the ink bottle and the print head, everything else is contained within a single robust IP65 stainless steel cabinet.

Ideal for use within industries such as:


Meat Packers

Brick plants

Tile plants

Chilled/Frozen Food Production

Timber processors


The iP600 can print from one to six lines of print in any combination of single lines or twin line print, on one or both sides of your products. It requires only mains electricity, no mains air is required as the internal low-pressure pump supplies all the necessary air. This reduces health and safety issues associated with fluid containers pressurised from mains air and means it is impossible to burst ink containers by over-pressuring them.

Operating stand-alone, the printer can be controlled from the internal keypad or remotely via RS232 or Ethernet from a PC using iText software. IText software also allows factory automation systems to access the print count and production information. The keypad can be either remote and removable for security of operation, or incorporated into the cabinet. If used remotely, one keypad can be shared amongst all of your printers.

Password protection of the integral dust and waterproof keypad is available at the press of a button, so you can enable operators to select the print message but only supervisors can alter them.

The whole system has been designed from the ground up for ease of maintainance, ease of use and high reliability. It has been designed by a team that are not just designers but have worked with customers installing, maintaining and repairing coding and marking equipment for many years.

All of our ink jet printers are available with either water based inks for printing on cardboard or timber, or solvent inks for printing on concrete, bricks and other non-porous substrates. Ink is supplied in 5 litre containers for maximum up-time and ease of ink changeover