Barcode Scanning System

On-Line Barcode Confirmation System

The Codeology On-Line Barcode Confirmation System is a simple-to-use barcode scanning system that gives you instant notification that you have the right barcode label on your product as it leaves the production line.

Designed to be fitted to your conveyor at the end of the line just before you palletise it will detect the carton and scan for a matching barcode. If it doesn’t find any barcode, or it can see a barcode but it has the wrong number, the system will immediately stop the line or activate an alarm.

With fines of up to £500 from the major retailers for handling cartons with no barcode labels, this system can pay for itself by detecting just 6 cartons with missing labels.

You can now palletise an entire production run safe in the knowledge that not only does every case have a barcode label, but that each one is the CORRECT barcode label.

Simple to operate

1. ‘Teach’ it the barcode that you are going to run down the line

2. Start production

That’s it, there is nothing else to do.

The system will then search every carton for the barcode number that it has ‘learned’. Once seen a green beacon is flashed, and the on-screen counter increments. If it either does not see a barcode, or reads an incorrect code, a red beacon is flashed and a voltage-free contact triggered.

The contact can be used to stop your line, sound alarms, activate a reject cross-pusher or be wired into your HMI panel for your system to handle.


– All stainless steel construction so no rust or corrosion.

– Both ‘good match’ and ‘no read/bad match’ outputs for security of operation

– Integral good read/bad read counters

– Non-volatile memory so will continue where it left off following any power interruption

– Keyswitch ‘teach’ button so only authorised personnel can select barcode numbers

If you would like to see the system work on your line, contact us for an on-site demonstration.