P100 Printer Applicator

Codeology P100 Printer Applicator

The Codeology P100 Printer Applicator is the first of a new generation of print and apply labellers. British designed and built, predominantly of stainless steel and aluminium, it has been designed for today’s demanding 24/7 factory.

Nobody can afford downtime these days, so we have designed the P100 to keep your lines running at peak efficiency. High reliability, easy setup and modular components ensure that you get the most out of the P100 with minimal intervention. The design team have over 30 man years experience of labelling and they are confident you won’t find a better value for money or more reliable labeller on the market. Since its launch in 2005 the P100 has proved to be robust, reliable, easy to use and simple to maintain in both chilled and ambient factories all over Britain.

Both wired and wireless Ethernet are available for all of our printers. Using various commercial software it has never been easier to control all of your printers from one point, making label design and selection easier than ever.

Why is it good for my production department?

The P100 has been designed and built with your operators in mind. It only has two controls to keep operator training simple. Height adjustment uses a gas strut for ‘zero gravity’ effect so even the smallest operators can move it easily.

The entire system has been built for maximum reliability – we have one customer who spent less than £25 on spares for their first P100 in the first year. If it does require maintenance then the modular design means any part can be replaced in minutes, having you up and running with minimum downtime.

Main Features

– 300mm diameter label roll capacity to hold as many labels as possible and minimise changeovers.
– Narrow footprint of only 343mm from conveyor keeps the P100 out of the way of operators and sack trucks.
– Fast – can print and apply up to 50 100 x 150mm labels per minute.
– Effective label path design allows slow print but fast application ensuring best quality with maximum throughput.
– Easy to adjust the reach of the P100 so ensuring simple and quick changeover for different carton sizes.
– Integral alarm beacon visible from any direction to alert operators when label or ribbon needs changing
– Handles any label size from 50 x 25 up 100 x 300mm without changing anything on the machine
– Works with Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer labels and wax, resin or economy ribbons as standard.
– Available stand-alone or with an integral conveyor for ‘wheel in and go’ installation
– Both side-only and side-and-end (wrap-around) label application is possible with one machine

What will my engineers think of it?

We believe your engineers will be pleased that you chose the P100. Engineers tend to like it because our design team includes service and maintenance engineers and it is obvious that we have incorporated features to make a maintenance engineer’s life easier for example:

– Robust Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium construction as standard so no rust.
– modular design with four screw fixing means you can exchange any module in minutes. – plastic bearings throughout gives long life and no lubrication.
– sealed for life conveyor motors mean no maintenance.
– All parts are within the envelope of the machine so no protruding arms to damage.
– Peeler plate and motor assembly can be rotated and reach adjusted to allow simple integration into existing machinery.
– Feedback display with simple diagnostics to aid fault-finding.
– Simple display to keep the operators informed of machine status.
– Non-contact air knife system for side-and-end labelling has no moving parts to fail.

What variants are available?

– Machines are available stand-alone to fit your conveyor or with an integral conveyor system.
– Integrated conveyors can be tailored to your requirements (height, width etc)
– Side-only or side-and-end labelling options.
– Stands are available for angled conveyors (up to 28 degrees)
– Special height and reach machines can be provided
– Print engines as standard are from Datamax but we can accommodate Sato, Intermec or Zebra engines if you prefer.
– Industrial computers for local control can be supplied. The one in the picture (right) is totally stainless steel with stainless vandal-proof keyboard (touch screen options are available). Further details of the computer are here.

As of 2017 the P100 Print and Apply Label Applicator is now available in a space
saving, integrated frame with our sister company “Carton Handling Solutions”
own range of CT Case sealers in Mild or Stainless steel finishes.
Example shown in image. For more information on these hybrid labeller and case sealer click here.