P140 Pre-Printed Label Applicator

Codeology P140 Pre-Printed Label Applicator

Applying pre-printed labels to your products is not a problem for the P140 Pre-Printed Label Applicator. Designed for high reliability within fast-moving 24/7 factories the P140 Applicator will apply labels at throughputs of up to 100 products per minute to top, sides or bottom of products. It can even apply round-the-corner labels to side-and-end or top-and-back of products.

The P140 is simple, robust and low-cost. We keep the cost down by using a proven dc motor drive system that has already been proven in our P100 print-and-apply systems. Although not as accurate as servo-drive systems, it will still give an accuracy of +/-5mm for considerably less cost than servo-drives.

A simple design means less components to go wrong and greater reliability on your lines. From the same family as the well-proven P100 Print and Apply you can rest assured that the P140 will keep your lines running at peak efficiency.


Predominantly manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel and easy to wipe down, it is ideal for high-hygiene sites such as pharmaceutical or food plants.

High reliability, easy setup and modular components ensure that you get the most out of the P140 with P140 applicator for side labellingminimal intervention.

The Codeology philosophy is to provide the right machinery for the job, which is why we design and build all of our systems including the ancillary components. This means we can provide you with a system that is designed to work together and is therefore totally reliable.

With over 40 man years experience of supplying labelling solutions for the retail supply chain combined with an acclaimed design we believe you won’t find a better value for money or more reliable applicator on the market.

Main Features

  • 300mm label roll capability to maximise throughput and minimise changeover frequency.
  • High speed with up to 100 50 x 25mm labels applied per minute.
  • Top or side labelling with round-the-corner option.
  • Variable reach peeler plate with easy adjustment to allow fast change over for different product sizes.
  • Peeler plate and motor assembly can be rotated to allow easy access into existing machinery or hard to reach places.
  • Pneumatic round-the-corner label application option – no moving parts.
  • Easy-to-use control panel – only two parameters to change.
  • Integral alarm beacon visible from any direction to alert operators when label rolls need changing.
  • Simple display to keep the operators informed of machine status.
  • Narrow footprint minimises the impact on your walkways and floor space. The side labeller protrudes only 300mm into your walkway, the top labeller only 130mm.
  • Simple height adjustments with counterbalance gas strut to allow easy and accurate label placement.
  • Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium construction as standard.
  • Modular construction means all major components can be exchanged in less than 30 minutes.
  • Polymer bearings throughout giving superb performance in humid, chilled or damp environments and long trouble-free life.
Codeology P140 Pre-Printed Label Applicator
Codeology P140 Pre-Printed Label Applicator
Codeology P140 Pre-Printed Label Applicator