Recirculating Packing Conveyors

Recirculating Packing Conveyor as part of a complete packing line.

If you are still using a Lazy Susan to pack your products, or are hand-taping your cartons, or hand-labelling with off-line pre-printed labels then you should look at our complete ready-to-run production line. Let us show you with automation how you can:

  • use less labour
  • increase throughput
  • utilise valuable floor space more efficiently
  • reduce staff movements around the factory
  • reduce the opportunity for date code errors on your labels.

Here’s how you do it.

Using a recirculator instead of hand packing on a table or from a Lazy Susan:

Products are presented to operators at chest height, initially in a uniform pattern, above the cartons. Cartons are filled by pulling products and lowering, not picking, lifting, and twisting. The products are simple to align and collate, then slide in bulk into the carton. 1 operator can pack over 100 products per minute, about twice the rate of a Lazy Susan and 4 times as fast as a packing table.

Case taper over hand taping:

If you are hand taping, then you probably have one or two staff who spend all their time erecting cartons, sealing them by hand then stacking them ready for production. A stack of erected cartons has to be replaced every time you remove a stack of packed cartons. A stack of flat cartons which you erect as you fill then slide into the case taper will last around 4 times longer. That is three less pallet movements per pallet of finished product. If you pack using a recirculator, one operator now erects, fills and seals faster than three operators in hand-taping operations.

Automatic print and apply labelling over off-line printing and hand applying:

Add an automatic print and apply to a case taper and you are really picking the low-hanging fruit. Just these two operations will reduce your labour content by 50-75%.

Automatic labelling means you print the right number of labels where you need them and when you need them. No more working out what the codes will be for tomorrow’s labels, or running out of labels because someone has miscalculated the quantity, or wasting hundreds of labels and hours of work because a production hiccup means you cannot pack what you planned to pack. As labels are printed ‘real time’ you are much less likely to introduce operator errors on your date codes. Just avoiding one recall because of incorrect date codes on your labels will save the cost of a print and apply system.

And if you only pack short batches, don’t worry. Changing label design and setting up for a new product can be carried out in less than 1 minute.

Accumulator output conveyor:

The accumulator allows your packed cartons to wait near the pallet. This allows an operator to batch pack, which is far more efficient than packing and stacking one box at a time. If you want to run with just one operator you can bring the accumulator back through 180 degrees so the finished cartons end up behind the operator. That means they have to move the absolute minimum from the packing area to the finished goods stacking area.

Contact us if you would like us to work out how much we could save you in labour costs by replacing your hand packing and manual labelling with an automated system. We can supply all the equipment that you see in the video. Trials can be arranged in your factory if you would like to see this working with your production.